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10 Newest and Most Popular Temanggung Tourist Attractions in 2023

When you think of tourist attractions in Temanggung, what comes to mind? Is it Wisata Posong? Yes! Indeed, in various media, the Posong Temanggung tourist park is famous for its natural beauty from the height or Posong is more famous for its Golden Sunrise.

Besides Posong, there are many tourist attractions in Temanggung especially nature tourism. Temanggung is mostly a highland area that is directly bordering the Wonosobo regency, so it is no wonder that Temanggung regency holds a lot of natural tourist potential.

The types of nature tourist attractions in Temanggung are highlands and waterfalls. On highlands, tourism is usually made to enjoy the view from the good height for photo spots.

One unique aspect of Temanggung tourism is some dams or reservoirs for water storage in highlands to be used as tourist spots.

10 Newest and Most Popular Temanggung Tourist Attractions in 2023

Galaxyite Media will summarize 10 categories of nature tourism that are popular in Temanggung.

1. Posong Temanggung Nature Tourist Attraction

The first and most popular tourist attraction in Temanggung is the beauty of Posong. Posong has been famous from the past to the present even though new tourist attractions have emerged in Temanggung regency.

Even though it has been built and developed since 2010, Posong Temanggung is still famous in various areas in Indonesia. It offers a "golden sunrise" from the east, and since the emergence of Temanggung TV Posong, more and more visitors from outside Temanggung have been coming.

For those who love sunrise, you can set up a tent as there is a camping ground in the Posong Temanggung tourist park. Another option to enjoy the sunrise in Posong is to go up to Posong at 3 a.m. so that you can get the golden sunrise.

Besides the sunrise, you can also enjoy the beautiful natural beauty from the height that is perfect for making contemporary photo spots. There are various facilities so there is no need to worry when at the tourist location.

Posong Temanggung Location: Parakan Wonosobo Km. 9,Temanggung, Central Java

Opening Hours: 03.00-17.00

2. Newest Kledung Embung tourism in Temanggung

Kledung Embung Tourism in Temanggung  Kledung Embung tourism in Temanggung

From Posong Tourism, you can also stop by the viral embung, which is Kledung Embung, on the same route as Posong. This Temanggung tourism is considered new because it has only been a topic of discussion among social media users in recent years.

The embung was originally created to store rainwater for use as a reserve for agriculture during the dry season. However, because of its very instagrammable location, it has become a popular new tourist destination in Temanggung in recent years.

Offering photo spots such as a lake at a high altitude with the Sindoro Sumbing mountain background, it is definitely cool to fill your instagram feed.

Kledung embung was built on the slope of Mount Sindoro. On a clear day, its calm water will offer a reflection of Mount Sindoro from the water's surface.

Kledung Embung Address: Jalan Raya Parakan-Wonosobo, Tlahap, Kledung District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java

Admission Ticket Price: 4,000 (the price may change)

Opening Hours: 06.00-17.15

3. Tlogopucang Embung Tourism in Kandangan Temanggung

After the Kledung Embung located on the slope of Mount Sindoro, now we move a little down, exactly in the Kandangan District, there is one embung, the Tlogopucang Embung. This Temanggung tourism is considered new because it has only been a topic of discussion among social media users in recent years and has become more popular.

Typically, the location of the embung is built at a high altitude so that it can flow to all directions when the dry season arrives. This is what creates an attractive and beautiful view when at the embung.

At Tlogopucang Embung tourism, you will get instagram-able photo spots. With the background of Mount Sindoro, Sumbing and Prau. Make sure to visit when it's clear or in the morning so that the mountain background is not covered by clouds.

This Temanggung tourism is located in Tlogopucang, Kandangan, Temanggung Regency, Central Java. Admission ticket price: Rp. 3,000 (price may change)

Mijil Loka Temanggung Nature Tourism

Mijil Loka Temanggung is a new nature tourism destination in Temanggung. It offers breathtaking views from high above, as well as stunning sunrises from the east. Located in PoganganPongangan, Candisari, Bansari, Temanggung, Central Java, visitors can find observation decks to enjoy the views. This place is a must-visit for those who love taking photos with a sunrise and mountain background. Despite not being as popular as other places in Temanggung, the view is just as beautiful. There is also a high observation deck that can be used to take Instagram-worthy photos. The location of Mijil Loka Nature Tourism is in Dusun Pongangan, Candisari, Bansari, Temanggung, Central Java. The ticket price is 5,000 and the opening hours are from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Watu Layah Temanggung Nature Tourism

Watu Layah Temanggung boasts exotic panoramic views of mountains and pine forest landscapes. It is one of the hottest destinations in Central Java, having just been inaugurated at the end of 2016. Watu Layah Temanggung quickly became a talking point on various social media platforms, especially Instagram. One of its appealing facilities is the large observation deck, where visitors can enjoy the views and take photos. The facilities here, including a parking area and small food stalls, are sufficient for a new tourism destination. The road access is good, although there are some rocky sections. The location of Watu Layah Temanggung Nature Tourism is in Tlogopucang village to the north of Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java. The ticket price is 5,000 and the opening hours are from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Titang Waterfall Tourist Attraction in Temanggung

The Latest and Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Temanggung 2023

Titang waterfall is one of the popular tourist attractions in Temanggung, characterized as a single waterfall and there are no other waterfalls nearby. The height of the waterfall is estimated to be over 20 meters.

The natural pool has clear water formed under the falling water, which can be used for swimming. Visitors are not prohibited from swimming but are expected to maintain safety and security as there is no supervision.

When observing the cliffs around the Titang Waterfall in Temanggung, it is still filled with trees and moss growth. On one side of the cliff, there is a spring that directly flows into the river. Rocks or streams are commonly found along the river flow around the base pool of the waterfall.

In addition, Titang waterfall is often used as a rafting area for nature lovers.

Location of Titang Waterfall Tourist Attraction in Temanggung: Jalan Durenan, Tembarak, Nampirejo, Kec. Temanggung, Temanggung Regency, Central Java

Ticket: 5,000

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Trocoh Waterfall Tourist Attraction in Temanggung

Surodipo Trocoh Waterfall Tourist Attraction in Temanggung

The name Trocoh itself means always releasing water, while the name Surodipo comes from the name of one of Diponegoro's warlords, Kyai Surodipuro.

The panoramic cliff with a height of over 100 meters, where this waterfall is formed, is surrounded by lush green plants that refresh the eyes. Added with the green vegetable fields of the villagers that adorn the area around the hill where Trocoh waterfall is located.

Surodipo has a sufficient flow of water and is not affected by the season.

Location of Trocoh Waterfall Tourist Attraction in Temanggung: Tawangsari Village, Wonoboyo Sub-District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java.

Ticket: -

Open Hours: 07.00-17.00

Wisata Curug Lawe Moncar Temanggung

Tourist Attraction in Moncar Temanggung

The next popular tourist destination in Temanggung is Curug lawe. Curug lawe is one of the waterfalls located at the foot of Mount Ungaran. It is said that this waterfall can be named curug lawe because the water from the waterfall falls with a stunning display of threads, in Javanese language it is called lawe which means very fine and white.

Curug lawe is different from most waterfalls that are made into tourist attractions. Here, a typical natural atmosphere is presented that is still very natural. It has not been too disturbed by activities and waste that are often found in cities.

Location of Temanggung Tourist Attraction: Muncar Lor Village, Muncar Village, Gemawang District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java Province.

Admission Ticket Price: 5,000

Opening Hours: 08.00-17.00

Wisata Curug Onje Temanggung

Tourist attraction of Curug Onje Temanggung Central Java

Curug Onje, this tourist destination in Temanggung is known for its 7 waterfalls that are lined up and have a very clear water flow.

Curug Onje is the most exotic tourist destination in Temanggung, seen from the rock structures formed on the cliff combined with the divided water flow. Playing in the water here seems to be very interesting. Bring an action camera and capture videos and photos that are hits.

To get to the Curug location, we have to walk from the parking area for about 15 minutes. Along the way to the Onje waterfall, you can see the beautiful view of the lush forest. After arriving, you will be welcomed by the view of 7 Curug Onje waterfalls that will treat your eyes.

Curug Onje is one of the waterfalls that can be climbed for photo ops and playing in the water. But still be careful because during the rainy season the water flow is very heavy and muddy.

Location of Curug Onje as one of Temanggung's natural tourist destinations: Tanjungsari, Duren, Bejen, Temanggung, Central Java

Ticket: 5,000

Opening Hours: 07.00-15.00

Gunung Kendil Temanggung

Latest and Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Temanggung 2023


Gunung Kendil is also a tourist destination in Temanggung, this mountain appears to be just a hill, so many people call it Bukit Sikendil.

From the peak of Gunung Kendil, the view of Mount Sindoro is clearly visible. Mount Sumbing is not visible because it is covered by Mount Sindoro. In addition to Mount Sindoro, you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Slamet, Merbabu, Merapi, and Andong.

unung Kendil can be a destination for beginner hikers. Gunung Kendil has a height of about 1,800 meters above sea level (mdpl). The distance to the peak is not too far. The journey from the Basecamp Sibajag to the peak is about 30 minutes.

To enjoy the sunrise, depart after the Subuh prayer so that when the sun rises, you are already on the mountain peak. The sunrise will grow between Telomoyo Merbabu, Merapi, and Andong.

Tourist Location Temanggung Mount Kendil: Sibajag Village, Candiroto Sub-district, Temanggung Regency, Central Java.

Ticket: 10,000

Opening Hours: 24 Hours

That's 10 latest and popular tourist destinations in Temanggung that you can plan to fill your holiday after the end of this pandemic.

There are still many hidden natural tourist attractions in Temanggung that have not been explored by the media. Someday we will update the list of latest tourist destinations in Temanggung that can be visited.

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